Alberto Vitelio

Just like your fingerprint the silk vase is unique, each has its character and personality.
Limited edition Silk vases specially commissioned for our edition series. For further information please contact us.

6/9 Limited edition Silk vase D15 H21 cm

5/9 Limited edition Silk vase D21 H26 cm

4/9 Limited edition Silk vase D23 H21 cm

3/9 Limited edition Silk vase D25 H23 cm

2/9 Limited edition Silk vase D26 H28 cm

1/9 Limited edition Silk vase D25 H26 cm
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Bruno Mathsson low table
Egon Eiermann church chair
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Severin Hansen side table
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What makes stories is sharing... exhibition Stories by Sasha Sime
Charles & Ray Eames EA105 chair

    Perception (2018)

    Perception is a multidisciplinary project focusing on reflection and community. The idea was born following discussions about how the experience of visiting design exhibitions and showrooms has changed due to social media and online purchasing. Have we become lazy and spoiled by scrolling through hundreds of new products everyday? Do we still understand, and appreciate, the complexity of a designed product and its making? And what about the live experience, human interaction with our surroundings, the touch and tactility of the objects, the temperature of them, the sound of a glass surface or the smell of fresh cut wood?

    The exhibition, held during the Barcelona Design Week 2018, included furniture, audio and video. 16 Barcelona based designers embraced human complexity by exploring the senses. The show questioned our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects and the processes behind them. No images were being published before the show, in order for the visitors to experience the installation without preconceptions.

    The show questions our relationship with design by raising awareness about the full experience of the objects.

    Curator and organisation: Sanna Völker
    Product and event photos: Andrea Ferrara
    Main sponsor: Lavazza
    Product sponsors: Inedit Damm, Tibidabo Brewing

    Exhibitors / participants:
    Max Enrich, Goula/Figuera, Sebastian Alberdi, Alejandra Perini, Alberto Vitelio, Proyecto Rastro, Kiwi Bravo, Sanna Völker, Matias Bieniaszewski, David Leon Fiene, Loren Garciort and Ángel Ramos.

    Alberto Vitelio

    A product is more than an object defined for what you can see. Every object has a history, every new creation has a feeling and every feeling has a circle of ups and downs that makes it evolve. This evolution shows how you visualize and create a product in your head before its materialization.I enjoy this method of giving form to an idea first through a drawing, that can change during the fabrication process. During this long process is when you can see the influence of our personal cycles, that transform this objects and lead us to results that we couldn't think of in the beginning".

    project Poblenou with kayserstudio